We strive for a Sustainable society.

ESG Policy

Since the declaration of global environmental management policy in 2012, Enchem Co., Ltd. Has established environmental management system in all establishments including the overseas establishments and is striving continuously to improve the environmental soundness of the business and community.

Environmental Management
Realizing environmental management
Practicing continuous environmental improvements
Maximizing recycling, minimizing environmental pollutant occurrence/discharge
Complying with environmental laws and regulations
Environmental management operation
Compliance of. Environmental laws
Maximizing recycling, minimizing environmental pollutant discharge
  • Environmental Organization

    Enchem is operating an environmental management organization with the safety and health manager, and reviews environmental management performance outcome in domestic and international establishments and analyzes major environmental trends to discuss relevant issues each year.

    The discussed issues are implemented in Enchem’s operational plan and are inspected quarterly through the environmental management committee where the environmental manager at each establishment participates in. Major issues are reflected in Enchem’s long-term environmental and energy management strategies, and deliberated and voted on by the management committee, and is reported to monthly company-wide meeting hosted by the CEO.

  • Environmental Management
    System Operation

    Since the acquisition of ISO14001 in March 2013, Enchem is reviewed by an authorized agency for the conformance each year, and conducts internal reviews run by the Environmental Safety Dept. at least once a year. Result of the review is reported to the management, and the environmental strategies and goals are modified accordingly to maintain an efficient environmental management system.