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Introduction of Corporate Institute

The future of electrolyte, the future of lithium secondary battery and the future of electric motor vehicle will start here, at Enchem

Research Planning Team

Perform research planning and management

National project management and business expenses

IP related work execution


TS Team

Rapid technological response to the customer

Creation of new electrolyte and introduction of addictive

Identify customer needs and quick response

Electrolyte Development Team

Preliminary development of electrolyte

Discover new addictive and electrochemical evaluation

Perform national project: Perform projects jointly with the specialized research institution

Perform joint development: Develop next generation battery electrolyte

Addictive Synthesis Team

Design and synthesize new additive

Synthesize and purify the substances requested by customer

Scale up novel material and develop mass-production processes

Analyze and interpret novel material

Pilot Team

Make electrolyte sample requested by customer

Provide the sample to customer and manage the record

Manage the electrolyte supply specification