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Development Status

Technology in Futures In every advanced technology,
Enchem is involved!

For Electric motor vehicle

Developed high-capacity anode material and high Ni electrolyteReduce gas formation, low resistance, etc.

Developed high capacity cathode material and Si electrolyteImprove lifespan, etc.

Developed low price electrolyte for anode materialCo free anode material, high voltage Mn rich (joint development with T Company)

Developed high safety electrolyteFlame-retardant additive, etc.

Developed rapid charging electrolytePerform national project

For mobile device

Developed the electrolyte applied with high voltage LCO materialJoint development with Company A

Developed new electrolyte with high concentrationJoint development with Company A

For energy storage device

Developed electrolyte with long lifespanOptimization of electrolyte composition, etc.

Developed high power electrolyteDiscovering new additives, etc.

Development of electrolytes for low-cost anode materialsCo free anode material, high voltage Mn rich (joint development with Company T)

Developed high safety electrolyte (Developed GEL electrolyte, solidified electrolyte)Performed national project

For next generation battery

Developed electrolyte for Lithium metal batteryPerformed the joint development project (Company H)

Developed electrolyte for Li-S batteryPerformed national project

Development of electrolyte for all-solid-state batteriesplanned to perform the national project. Core technology transfer review and M&A with company having core technology