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NMP Recycle Business

NMP recycle business

NMP Recycleprocess

NMP is utilized during LiB cathode manufacturing process, then NMP waste is collected, remove moisture or any impurities. Finally, increase its purity.

recycle is essential because it has high cost and is hazard material

Linked to the electrolyte business, promote to maintain strategic relation with the customer


Solvent that dissolves the cathode material binder, which is mixed together and coats the cathode material on the hardware to increase the adhesion in the process of coating the cathode material

Renewable Energy 100% Campaign

Global campaign that

convert 100% of the electric power

and the raw materials used by enterprises to

renewable energy and
recyclable raw materials

Although it started as an environmental campaign that the global automaker asked its vendors to participate in RE 100, currently, the enterprises are discussing new trade barrier

Continuous growth of NMP recycle market
NMP Recycle 시장 지속 성장 그래프
NMP Recycle Trend

Expansion of lithium ion battery market

Rapid increase of NMP consumption

NMP shortage

Continuous rise of NMP price

NMP Recycle Trend

NMP Recycle Business : United States, Europe (Poland)