We strive for a Sustainable society.

ESG Resolution

As a secondary battery electrolyte manufacturer with quality stabilization and production system, All employees at Enchem Co. Ltd. Acknowledges the responsibilities for the national economy, society, and the future generation strongly, and promise to exercise the environmental, social, and ethical tasks given to us faithfully as follows.

ESG Resolution

  • 01

    We protect the clients’ rights and interests, keep the promise we made to them, and exercise coexistent management with clients and partners for the mutual growth.

  • 02

    We will become a company that is beloved by clients and the people through transparent and fair corporate activities and firm establishment of ethical values.

  • 03

    We try to maintain dignity as Enchem’s employees and company’s reputation, and act honestly and fairly in work and keep faith in the business relations.

  • 04

    We practice environmental management to pass on clean environment through continuous R&D and eco-friendly corporate activities, and actively support environmental education for employees and environmental management activities of partners.

  • 05

    We take active actions to prevent the use of harmful substances in the production or manufacturing process, sustain the use of resources and energy, and try to reduce the discharge of pollutants.

  • 06

    We agree with UN’s conventions and international ESG initiatives completely, and promise to cooperate with relevant local governments and the central government, so Enchem’s corporate activities satisfy the standards.

  • 07

    Enchem supports the expansion of suppliers' responsible sourcing management capabilities to maintain sustainable supply chains and maintains a system to monitor suppliers' unethical or illegal activities.

  • 08

    Enchem confirms that all raw materials supplied to Enchem are not conflict materials or acquired through child labor or exploitation, and guarantees that they are not applicable to all its business areas.

  • 09

    Enchem applies OECD supplier due diligence guidelines and RMAP standards in selecting raw materials and managing suppliers, and defines mineral supply chain that satisfies RMI standards as the top priority.

  • 10

    Enchem strives to continuously improve the demand by the environmental laws, regulations, and satisfaction of requirements for environmental management and safety and health with regard to electrolyte production.

March 24, 2023 CEO Oh Jung-Kang