Largest representative Korean electrolyte manufacturing company.

Electrolyte Business

With the world highest level of technological skill,
establishment of global production-supply infrastructures
and internalization-localization of raw materials

the electrolyte of Enchem broaden our horizons to the world!

Located at the shortest distance from K-battery production base

we are delivering more stable and fresher electrolyte!

Maintain freshness

2 months up to 6 months of distribution period at 25℃ or under

it needs to be used within quickest possible after production

Hazardous material · toxic substance

Increase of transport and storage cost

hazardous material inspection and accident management, Supply risk

Recovery container

Increase container cost for long distance delivery

Appropriate pressure, nitrogen, positive pressure maintaining cost burden

Reinforce the ability to respond to customer

Enable to meet the quickest delivery date!

Supply Chain of Product for Electrolyte

Products of

Electrolyte for lithium-ion battery

Electrolyte for polymer battery

Electrolyte for EDLC

High-functional additive

Binder solution

Raw chemical material for electronic material

Cell Maker

Small battery for mobile

Medium and large sized battery for xEV

Large battery for ESS

Large capacity EDLC


Mobile Phone

Laptop PC

Power Tools




Products of ENCHEM

High functional additive, electrolyte for EDLC, chemical raw material for electronic material

화학원료 및 생산품목 표
Item Production Item
Electrolyte for IT

Round type, square type, polymer type electrolyte

High voltage, high capacity, high power electrolyte

High-temperature swelling suppression electrolyte

General electrolyte for low price

Electrolyte for xEV

High-capacity electrolyte, high-power electrolyte, general low-cost electrolyte

Electrolyte for ESS

High-safety electrolyte, general low-cost inhibitor

Electrolyte for anode

electrolyte for high voltage LCO, electrolyte for NCM (622.811, etc.)

Electrolyte for Mn, electrolyte for LiFePO4

Electrolyte for cathode

Electrolyte for artificial graphite, electrolyte for natural graphite, electrolyte for SI

Electrolyte for hard carbon, electrolyte for soft carbon

Electrolyte for EDLC

General electrolyte, high voltage electrolyte




Cell Maker

Small battery for mobile devices, medium and large sized battery, large capacity battery for ESS, large capacity EDLC


Mobile Phone, Laptop PC, Power Tools, E-Bike, HEV, PHEV, BEV, FCEV, ESS