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Environment, Safety, Health

safety and health management policy

Enchem pursues sustainable growth by selecting and fulfilling the core tasks to reinforce the competitiveness and performance ability taking the environment, safety and health as top priority management tasks.

1. Contribute to the preservation of global environment

optimize the energy utilization through development of high efficiency lithium-ion battery electrolyte product and continuous process improvement and minimize the pollutant emission including greenhouse gas by promoting the recycling of resources.

2. Accident prevention and health improvement of executive and employee

Before starting work, we prevent accidents by improving the potential risk factor through Tool Box Meeting and all the executives and employees build the safe and health workplace through diverse health promotion program.

3. Compliance with domestic and overseas laws

We comply with related domestic and overseas laws, regulations and company standards and establish and operate our own standards above the level required by law.

4. Sustainable development

We implement the continuous improvement activities operating environment, safety and health management system and contribute to the environment preservation and social contribution through the cooperative relations with local community.

In order to operate this policy efficiently, we disclose it to diverse interested parties and all the executives and employees participate and practice actively.

March 24, 2023 CEO Jeonggang Oh


Safety and health management model

안전보건 관리모델 구조와 핵심 키워드

Environmental safety
and health management system

Environmental management system
환경경영시스템 인증서

Certification standardISO 14001:2015

First certified date2015.09.04

Safety and health management system
안전보건경영시스템 인증서

Certification standardISO 45001:2018

First certified date2021.04.16


establishes the ISO 14001 and 45001 certification system in the entire workplaces including overseas business sites to practice and constant improvements based on followings factors.


Establish integrated management system


Environment/ Reinforce safety risk response competence


Establish/operate emergency plan