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Establish global supply chain in Asia, Europe and the United States Form top-line of global electrolyte enterprise

We are expanding the factories around the world to meet the needs caused by the rapid increase of demand and the strategic mid- and long-term management plan to occupy the market in advance. We are completing the global supply network and initiate new business plans such as internalization of raw materials, NMP refining business, and the sustainable businesses earnestly

We established and are push forward the global mid- and long-term strategic business goal

Aim to become No.1 in global M/S

Best quality, optimized production

Complete localization and internalization of raw materials

Established the global supply chain

Constructed additional factories in China and the United States

New factories in Hungary, Indonesia, Turkey are under progress

Started construction of third location in China, and completed factory construction in Hungry

Completed the first factory in the United States

2017 ~ 2021

Tremendous growth of Double 10 Leaped to be the leader of electrolyte production company of South Korea

Enchem, which grew of 10 times in revenue 2016, achieved the immense growth compared with other electrolyte production companies for same period accomplishing the growth of 10 times again in 2021.


Completed factory constructions in Poland and China/ Completion Cheonan factory

Selected as Chungcheongbuk-do Star Enterprise

Selected as ATC (Advanced Technology Center)

Won 10 Million Dollar Export Tower Award

Won presidential citation/ Acquired INNO-BIZ certification

2012 ~ 2016

Arose as competent enterprise in electrolyte industry Commercialized electrolyte for second generation electric motor vehicle

We earnestly engaged in the electrolyte business achieving the world’s first commercialization of electrolyte used in GM Bolt GEN 2 (enable to run more than 200 miles), second generation electric motor vehicle, in 2013.

Manufactured and supplied electrolyte for LG Chemical Xev, GEN II

Won 5 Million Dollar Export Tower Award

Completed Jecheon factory No.2. Established company’s research facility

Registered as company in major LIB and EDLC client companies

Completed Jecheon factory (5,000 ton), Acquired VENTURE-BIZ certification

Founded Enchem Co., Ltd.